Why Renovating is better than Knock Down/Rebuild

If your current home doesn’t quite match your lifestyle, a home renovation can provide you with a more functional living space, a fabulous new kitchen or bathrooms, more room to move, or extra living area for your family and friends.

You may think it’s easier to remove your old home and start afresh but that’s not necessarily always the best approach. At Immaculate Homes, we specialise in ways to transform your original home into an relaxing oasis that brings you true comfort and joy.

Your home, your memories

It doesn’t matter if lived in your current home for your entire life or only part of it; chances are, the place is filled with memories. By renovating and/or extending, you can retain the sentimental parts of the home while making the modifications needed to suit your changing lifestyle.

Whether it’s the first place you lived as newlyweds, where you grew up, or where you brought your babies home, we all create incredible connections to our homes and these shouldn’t be lost just because your house needs an update. By renovating, you’ll get the best of both worlds with a combination of new and old to suit your future needs.


 If your home is older, it is likely bursting at the seams with character and located in a great neighbourhood. It takes skill, but there are definitely ways to preserve the history and character of a home, while renovating and extending to update functionality, layout, traffic flow and space.

By taking this route, instead of knocking down a beautiful old house, you’ll be leaving a legacy of the past for future generations to enjoy and maybe, one day, add to with their own renovation.


One of the most inconvenient aspects of a knock down project is finding somewhere to live for the duration of it. Obviously, when you demolish your home to rebuild, you need to either stay with family or friends or rent another place in the interim.

Sometimes, construction can take a lot longer than expected, meaning you may find yourself living in not-so-ideal conditions for longer than you’d anticipated. This is why opting for a home renovation is the more convenient choice, as you can still stay in your home during the renovation process!


With a knock down and rebuild, everything has to be new while with a renovation you can choose to keep the parts of the home you love or that are still functional and only invest in the new section. Any renovation is an investment in your home so it pays to be smart with your budget and be clever about where the money is spent.

If the front part of the home, for example, is structurally sound why destroy it and have to rebuild? The part of the home you retain creates a structure that allows the renovation and extension to fit seamlessly into place. This also ensures the home immediately looks as though it belongs in the environment with the new work often disguised.

At Immaculate Homes, we specialise in creating custom-designed renovations and extensions that enhance lifestyles and are built for families. Every part of the new space is designed specially for you, to meet your needs – both now and in the future. Make your home an Immaculate Home and contact us today to discuss your renovation project.

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