5 things to know before renovating your home

Undertaking a home renovation is a massive job, and we know it can feel overwhelming, so it’s important to be as informed as possible during the planning and preparation stage. At Immaculate Homes, we’ve had many years’ experience renovating all types of homes so here we share our best-ever top 5 important things to know before renovating your home.


The first thing that most people do when starting to plan their renovation plans is to let their minds run wild with their dreams. It’s pretty easy to get carried away thinking about all the wonderful new ways you want to improve your home, but it is important to be realistic and understand what is and isn’t practical.

For example, you may have dreamt about adding a second storey to your home, but this isn’t always a possibility. Perhaps your home doesn’t have much room to go upwards, but plenty of room to build out the ground floor. Here’s where working with a specialist renovator/builder can be a huge help – their use their experience to help you hone your vision and maybe even suggest some solutions you hadn’t considered.


No one likes to think about budgeting when undertaking a renovation project, but it will be the most important thing you do in the planning stage. It can feel scary but we recommend sharing your budget ideas with your builder as they are in the best position to advise you about how to maximise every dollar you have.

A specialist renovator/builder will also help you plan your budget to allow for common unforeseen issues which can arise when renovating.

Don’t forget to consider the added costs of everyday life during your renovations as well. For example, if you’re undertaking a full home renovation, you may not be able to live at home while it is underway, so you’ll need to factor in costs for alternate accommodation. If you are planning to live at home, think about what rooms you’re renovating and how you’ll live around it. For example, ripping out your entire kitchen to make way for a new one will mean that you won’t have anywhere to prepare or cook, so you may be spending a lot on takeaway meals until it is complete.


There are huge advantages in using a design-and-construct building company for your renovation. Because you have one company overseeing the entire build, there are no nasty surprises when it comes to pricing the construction part of the process. Having designed your dream home, it’s devastating to discover the building quote is way beyond your means. It also saves you paying for plans and documentation you can’t afford to build.

A specialist design-and-construct building company will work with you from the very start of the project to plan a renovation that works with your budget and your goals. The project budget is far more in your control because the person designing your home understands the overall requirements and the design can be tweaked to meet the agreed budget with a detailed estimate of building costs being far more accurate.

Another huge benefit is having the designer of your home involved at every stage of the construction process. It becomes a team effort between the designer and the on-site project manager to bring your dream to life. You’re also guaranteeing better communication between the project manager and all the associated trades needed.


It’s almost the most difficult part of any renovation but choosing a builder should be based on a few key areas in order to ensure the success of your project. A referral is always a great place to start – ask friends or family who have recently renovated about their experiences. If you find a builder you like, ask to speak to customers who have built with the company previously. Written references are nice but it’s also great to be able to speak directly with someone who has undertaken the same type of work as you are planning.

You’ll be in a relationship with your builder for a long time so it’s important you feel you can establish a co-operative, long-term relationship with them. These relationships are built on trust and communication – so if your builder is not communicating with you now, things won’t change later. Ask yourself if you feel a rapport or connection with the builder and their team, can you ask questions and receive helpful answers, and do they give you advice which speaks to your needs and requirements?


Embarking on a renovation project is super exciting, but it can also be a very stressful experience, especially if you don’t consider the timing of your renovations.

It doesn’t matter if you work with the best in the business; Unavoidable challenges with renovation projects are common. If you’re trying to work on a really tight schedule that doesn’t account for unforeseen problems, you may end up taking more time and money to complete the project than you planned.

You also need to consider the needs of your family. Are your children going through any major schooling events like their end of year exams that may be negatively impacted by a home renovation? Do you have any young children still at home who would need to be supervised by someone while you’re dealing with the builders and contractors? What time of year do you wish to have the renovations complete by and when do you need to start to ensure they will be completed in time?

Timing, just like everything else in life, is very important when it comes to home renovations!

At Immaculate Homes, we specialise in helping our clients achieve a stress-free renovation. We take the time to understand your goals, give you the benefit of our expertise, and plan our schedule carefully to ensure a realistic timeline. We’ll apply our specialist design skills to produce a unique space that’s just right for your family and then we’ll use our building know-how to ensure the job is executed perfectly. Make contact today and find out how building with us will help you achieve an Immaculate home.